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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spot the Monkey

What's On? Wednesday presents: VIP

In my last What’s On Wednesday post, I talked about my love for the Pamela Anderson sitcom, Stacked. This week, I want to highlight her action show, VIP, but not for the reasons you would expect.

This syndicated show was on for four years and whenever I happened to come across it, I would sit enthralled. I never watched Baywatch or Home Improvement, so this was the first time I had watched her in anything other than Barb Wire. Despite the tabloids, I actually liked Pamela Anderson. She was funny and played to her strengths and made fun of herself like she did in Stacked.

Only season one has been released on DVD and I quickly bought it so I could see all the episodes I had missed the first time. After watching the pilot movie, where her character Vallery Irons becomes the figure head of a bodyguard agency, I found that I really liked her supporting cast as well, especially Molly Culver.

Now on to the point of this post…starting in episode two of that first season, I noticed this little stuffed monkey in one of the scenes, but didn’t pay too much attention to it. In episode three, I noticed it again. Episode four, episode five and so on and so on. Each episode it became a Where’s Waldo game for me: Spot the Monkey.

For each episode, I have the scene where the monkey appears…can you find it? He’s not always easy to see, it may be just his head sticking out or he’s hidden among other things on the table.

I don’t know the genesis of putting the monkey somewhere in a scene during the show (including the image at the beginning of this post that was a logo bumper that wiped the scene transition on the final show of the season), but it appeared in every episode except the pilot. I hope they put out the remaining three seasons, so I can see if they continued with the monkey. Congratulations to the clever person who insisted on the monkey (Pamela maybe?), because they have given me hours of fun beyond just the plot and characters.

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