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Monday, April 19, 2010

Falcon Find

Monday's Man:

Dick Fisk

I missed posting for two days while friends stayed the weekend. They were in town for an art show that was curated by my partner Mom Smackley. While visiting some bars in midtown and East Atlanta, I noticed that my favorite era seems to be coming back. It seems the pornstache and all the late seventies and early eighties looks on guys have come back and were everywhere. So to celebrate Atlanta's role in giving us a hot man and of course the pornstache, I thought I'd post about Dick Fisk.

Dick Fisk (née Frank Rick Fitts) was a porn actor that Falcon Studios was grooming to be the next "big" thing. He had southern charm, great looks, good physique and other assets...

He starred in Falcon's The Runner

and he starred in Steam Heat.

He did many other adult films before tragically losing his life in an automobile accident. He is buried in Kennesaw.

Falcon Studios has videos available and TLA Video offer some classic films he has starred in. Check out The Other Side of Aspen which also stars another man I'll feature soon--Casey Donovan aka Cal Culver.

Again, I say Steam Heat!!!


  1. One of my favorites as well! Oh, the memories....



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