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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grand Funk Fashion

After Dark may be my favorite magazine, but there is a contender for runner-up. In Touch was the West Coast wanna-be. In Touch had a subtitle of "Celebrating Gay Awareness". Where After Dark sometimes hid how gay it was, In Touch put it right out there. The magazine didn't have the wonderful photography of Kenn Duncan, but it did have some great photos. I don't currently own that many issues, but I will be spotlighting different articles throughout my posts.

In Touch had a regular fashion feature and for the February 1974 issue, it featured photos by Dave Sands of dancers/models Jon Tate, John Davis and Orlando Rey at L.A.'s most popular dance club--After Dark (now how about that for coincidence).

If I could get away with wearing clothes like this today, you would see me dancing the night away right now.

One thing I don't understand is why one of the models is naked in some of the photos...then again, who cares?


  1. God only knows what those boys were on!

  2. Why is this era so much sexier to me than any other?

  3. I with you!!! The 70's were sexy.



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