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Thursday, April 29, 2010

After Dark October 1976 cont'd

I left off at the end of the last post on this issue right before "The French Feel". After Dark wanted to indulge in the irresistible attraction for French savoir-faire. Cover boy Brian Petersen was the premier star of Pouff, described by writer Brant Mewborn as a hot, slick, gaudy, fast, freaky, funky and fun cabaret show that was playing at La Vie en Rose in New York.

Brian Petersen would stir up action with his athletic solo dances and sensual partnerings with the show's leading ladies.

Here he is pictured with showgirl Sally Speas.

Chrysis, the star of Pouff, was a beauty who would reveal during the show that she was not a she, but a he.

Another show was the revival of the Folies Bergere emceed by Buddy Vest.

French actress Leslie Caron was filming Ken Russell's Valentino.

Ann-Margret was featured in The Twist directed by Claude Chabrol and also starred Jean-Pierre Cassel and Stephane Audran.

Another French actress was Jeanne Moreau who directed Lumiere.

Here she's directing Keith Carradine.

Speaking of Keith Carradine, Viola Swisher wrote about him and his performances in Nashville and Welcome to L.A.

The ads for clothes in After Dark are always amazing to me. I would love some of these clothes, especially the lounge pajamas.

Disco fever hit After Dark, too, it seems.

That's it for this issue...til next time....

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