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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dandy Lion

What's On Wednesday: A day late

I've been watching so much lately that I couldn't decide what to post. I thought about all the things to talk about, but realized that out of everything I've watched, there wasn't anything really interesting to talk about.

I've watched episodes of Golden Girls, but I had already posted about Bea's Boots.

I've watched episodes of The Tudors, but I just finished season 2 and I don't want to post about it until I've seen the rest of the seasons. Of course, I may post about it, if I decide that Jonathan Rhys will be a Monday's Man.

I watched Mannequin with Kim Cattrall, but I got to thinking about what I'd talk about. The movie was cute, but nothing stuck out worth mentioning.

I've done posts about Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman.

Then it hit me. Mom Smackley and I have been watching old Hanna-Barbera cartoons like Pixie and Dixie, Yogi's Gang, Hong Kong Phooey, etc...

Well, we were watching a Huckleberry Hound cartoon and in the story Huckleberry is a lion hunter. Basically it was a battle of wits between the lion and Huck...the kind you'd see between Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Now I know Bugs has done drag before, but this scene from the episode made me laugh. The lion is trying to throw Huck off by changing his tracks. I think the best part is that when he is leaning against the gun, the shoe is dangling off of his paw. Also check out the paw on his hip...is his pinky up???

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