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Saturday, April 24, 2010

After Dark October 1976

Cover boy Brian Petersen was why this issue was one of my earlier After Dark acquisitions. Here is a man who has a great body and the greatest costume for a cover. I know the costume is a little tacky, even for the 70's, but there is something about it that makes me sigh. I think it may be the way the strings of beads on the briefs are in motion.

Two Broadway productions that get a lot of press in After Dark are Oh! Calcutta! and Let My People Come. It's probably because both contain nudity. Male nudity, at that. Nudity on Broadway wasn't new. Hair and Equus both had nude scenes within the context of the stories. This is a whole production done in the nude. There is a nude ballet called "One on One" which featured Cress Darwin and Haru Aki in Oh! Calcutta!

While Lori Wagner and Paul Gillespie were two new performers in Let My People Come.

Patrick Pacheco wrote an article called "The Last Breeze of Summer". New York City featured plenty to do during the summer and it seems that a lot of it was going to continue through the fall. In this photograph by Victor Parker, two young men stand on rooftops to get a better view of the annual Blessing of the Fleet.

Another of my favorite models from After Dark appeared in swimwear. His name is Hal Harley and you haven't seen the last of him on my blog. He is featured in these photos by Kenn Duncan.

Others also escaped the heat of New York City in this Fisher Ross photo.

Provincetown got a foursome of female impersonators--Charles Pierce, Craig Russell, Lynne Carter and Arthur Blake.

Former After Dark cover boy Tony Milano shows that wet t-shirts aren't the only things that look good wet.

Diving champion of the world in 1972 was Oscar Biscione. This Argentinian diver would do a swan dive 25 feet down off a cliff, into a somersault and land feet first in the water.

Dustin Hoffman and Marthe Keller were busy filming Marathon Man.

Diane Ladd and Patrick Hines were performing on stage in "Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander", one part of A Texas Trilogy.

The rest of this issue will be posted later...Check back!

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