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Monday, April 5, 2010

Angel Beau

Monday's Man

Of course, I grew up watching Charlie's Angels and in the first season of the show there was a guest star by the name of Dennis Cole. He caught my eye and obviously caught star Jaclyn Smith's eye.

The two were married and he reappeared two more times during seasons two and three. He and Jaclyn later divorced in 1981.

Many people may recognize his face, but can't place his name. Cole was a regular fixture on television guest starring in many shows like Murder She Wrote, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and Three's Company.

He also performed on the stage, here with Roger Herren and the rest of the cast of The Boys in the Band.

These photos came from In Touch January 1974. It's another magazine like After Dark that I've started collecting.

Speaking of After Dark, these were the photos I posted earlier that shows him modeling with Elizabeth Ashley.

Before he began acting, Dennis Cole was a physique model.

Sadly, Dennis passed away last November.

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  1. Scrolling down this post, I was thinking "Hmm, I'd like him better if he was naked." Lo and behold, Hilly Blue brings the goods once again! YAY! I do like him better now.



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