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Friday, April 2, 2010

Batty Betty

Funny Face Friday presents:

The Empress of Entertainment--Betty White!

Only Betty as Rose Nylund from The Golden Girls could look cute making that face.

It's so great that Betty White has had a resurgence in her career. As a pioneer for women in television, she has done everything!!! I heard her being interviewed about appearing on SNL. She said she was excited but panicked. Some are surprised she would be able to stay up that late. Excuse me, this woman is the consumate professional.

Three cheers for Betty!!!


  1. Hilly,
    Great blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed the great photos. Did you relocate your photos from flickr? Are they still available for viewing? Thanks. james.moosehead@gmail.com

  2. Thanks James,
    Flickr deleted the account, so I will be relocating them here with one difference, they will be incorporated into this blog. It is going to be a lengthy process, so I hope you will continue to check back. Hopefully you will remember some of these as well as a few surprises!



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